What are the Advantages of Root Canal Therapy?

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what are the advantages of root canal therapy

A root canal is a dental procedure known for being uncomfortable and painful. This particular treatment is now considerably more pleasant and effective because of recent improvements in dental technology and practices.. Root canals have several benefits that might save a tooth from being extracted and reduce discomfort at the same time. 

What are Root Canals?

Root canal is considered to save a tooth that has been severely decayed or injured. To prevent the spread of the infection, the dentist in North York removes the diseased or inflammatory pulp tissue from the tooth’s inside and then thoroughly cleanses, disinfects, and seals the tooth.

Purpose of Root Canal? 

Root canal therapy’s main objective is to treat infection or inflammation inside the tooth while keeping the tooth’s structure unaffected. This process can be recommended by your dentist near you to:

  • Relieve Pain: A painful pulp infection or inflammation can be the cause. The discomfort is relieved, and the underlying reason is addressed using root canal treatment.
  • Prevent Infections: An untreated tooth infection can spread to nearby tissues and potentially the bloodstream, making it significantly harmful. The spread of infection is prevented through root canal treatment.
  • Save Natural Tooth: If left untreated, the infection might progress and cause tooth loss. When possible, root canal treatment seeks to preserve the natural tooth.


Preservation of Natural Teeth

The ability of root canal treatment to maintain and retain natural teeth is one of its most significant benefits. The pulp, or interior component of the tooth, can become damaged by infection or severe decay, resulting in discomfort and even tooth loss. After cleaning the inside of the tooth and sealing it shut, root canal therapy comprises removing the diseased or damaged pulp. Patients can maintain optimal oral health, aesthetics, and overall dental health by preserving the natural tooth structure.

Relief from Pain

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy in North York is not unpleasant; they are carried out under local anesthetic, guaranteeing that patients only feel very minimal discomfort. In most cases, the distress caused by the need for a root canal is sometimes far worse than any pain from the actual treatment. This form of dental therapy treats the underlying infection or inflammation causing it and averts the need for more invasive operations.

Prevention of Infections

Untreated tooth infections can spread to other tissues and the bloodstream, resulting in more serious health problems. Root canal therapy eliminates the infection’s source, preventing it from progressing and lowering the likelihood of consequences. This specific aspect of root canal therapy positively impacts dental health and overall well-being.

Improved Appearance and Function

A person’s smile and ability to chew correctly might be affected when a tooth has been compromised due to infections or decay. The tooth’s structural integrity is restored during root canal treatment, allowing it to resume function. After the root canal, the tooth can also be repaired or given a crown to make it appear better and match the surrounding teeth more naturally.


Compared to tooth extraction followed by the insertion of a dental implant or bridge, root canal treatment is often more affordable. While the upfront cost of a root canal may seem higher, the long-term benefits of preserving a natural tooth outweigh the costs of replacing it.

Efficient and Timely Treatment

Depending on the case’s complexity, root canal treatment is a reasonably short process that often concludes in one or two sessions. Due to our quickness, patients can take care of their dental problems immediately and return to their daily routines with minimal discomfort.

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