Wisdom Teeth Extraction In North York

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near You

Removing wisdom teeth is a routine dental process that involves the surgical extraction of one or more of these teeth. Whether it’s for preventive measures or to alleviate pain and infection related to the wisdom teeth, this procedure is necessary for many individuals.

Our team at Lilac Family Dentistry offers both general tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extraction in North York to ensure optimal oral health for our patients. Our experienced team is committed to guiding you through the process with utmost care and ensuring your comfort and well-being during the procedure.

wisdom teeth extraction in north york

What is Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

For those in need of wisdom tooth extraction in North York, it is recommended to undergo the procedure sooner to avoid potential complications. At Lilac Family, our dentists employ advanced diagnostic imaging methods, like X-rays, to evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and determine which ones need removal.

To ensure your comfort and safety, the extractions will be conducted under general anesthesia, ensuring a painless experience. Our team is committed to delivering excellent care during the procedure and assisting you in a smooth recovery. If you need wisdom teeth extraction near you, don’t hesitate to book an appointment at Lilac Family Dentistry.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, usually emerge during the late teens or early twenties. As there is often insufficient space in the jaw, these teeth may not erupt correctly, causing various dental problems.

The procedure entails removing the wisdom teeth to prevent issues like impaction, misalignment, and damage to neighboring teeth. If you are facing discomfort or complications with your wisdom teeth, it is crucial to consult your dentist to assess whether extractions are required.

wisdom teeth extraction near you
procedure near you

What is the Procedure?

At Lilac Family Dentistry, when you visit us for wisdom tooth extractions, our dentist will carefully evaluate your individual situation to identify which teeth need to be removed and determine the most suitable extraction method for you.

Before the procedure, you will be given a general or local anesthetic to ensure your comfort and a pain-free experience. In some instances, if the extraction is complex or demands specialized expertise, our dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for the process. Our top priority is to offer you safe and effective treatment, ensuring that you receive the best care possible for your wisdom tooth extractions.

Looking for Wisdom Tooth Removal Near You?

If you have observed the appearance of your wisdom teeth and want to determine if they require removal, we invite you to contact us. Our dedicated team of dental experts is pleased to offer you essential details and choices about wisdom tooth extractions in North York.

During a consultation, our dentist will carefully listen to your inquiries and worries, evaluate your specific condition, and work together with you to create a personalized treatment plan that perfectly aligns with your requirements. To proceed, kindly get in touch with our office and book a consultation today. We are eager to help you!