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    direct billing to insurance

    Direct Billing
    to Insurance

    Our Family Dentist in North York gladly provides direct billing to your insurance provider. As an assignment practice, we can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, so that you can get the dental treatment you need in the most financially convenient way possible

    tongue lip ties release

    Tie Release

    Dr. Maralani works to assess and release tongue and lip ties from infants to adults with modern, laser technology. Our North York dentist offers frenectomy consultations to find the best path forward for her patients

    same day emergency in north york


    If you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth, or experiencing other pain, we offer same-day emergency dental care in North York to relieve your pain as soon as possible

    dr sayeh maralani

    LILAC FAMILY DENTISTRYYour Dentist in North York

    Our family dental care is proudly welcoming new patients and families of all ages to provide them with experienced and friendly dental care. Our principal dentist, Dr. Sayeh Maralani practices a full scope of both general and cosmetic dentistry, with your health and comfort as her top priority. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for all family members and needs, no matter your age to help you achieve a long life of healthy, beautiful smiles.

    Dr. Maralani’s experience and dedication to pursuing continuing education programs allow her to provide caring, informed treatment for the long-term oral health of her patients. If you or your family are looking for a new dentist near you in the GTA, contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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    laser therapy

    Laser Dentistry

    Our dentist near you proudly provides laser dentistry. With laser therapy, she can provide tongue and lip tie release for infants, children and adults. Laser
    dentistry also allows Dr. Maralani to provide treatment for cold sores and canker sores in a non-invasive manner. Cosmetic dentistry can also be provided with laser
    therapy at Lilac Family Dentistry through gum contouring and reshaping to help sculpt a beautiful smile!

    Children’s Dentistry

    Our dentist in North York is committed to providing exceptional children’s dentistry near you! Our skilled and caring team specializes in catering to the unique dental needs of children, creating a friendly and comfortable environment to make dental visits enjoyable. When it comes to children’s dentistry, check-ups are essential to monitor their development, promote good habits from an early age, and prevent dental issues in the future, ensuring smiles that last a lifetime.

    emergency dentistry

    Emergency Dentistry

    We offer care for dental emergencies near you. We provide immediate care and relief for patients experiencing dental emergencies such as severe toothaches, broken teeth, or dental trauma. Our experienced team is equipped to handle urgent dental situations promptly, alleviating pain and preventing further complications.

    cosmetic dentistry

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry near you is helpful as it allows patients to achieve their desired smile, improving aesthetics and overall oral health. This is why we offer a range of services for cosmetic dentistry in North York, including porcelain veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Porcelain veneers can enhance the appearance of teeth by covering imperfections, while dental implants provide a natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Teeth whitening helps brighten smiles, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

    teeth extractions

    Teeth Extractions

    Looking for tooth removal near you? We provide tooth extractions for both wisdom teeth and non-wisdom teeth when necessary. Wisdom teeth extractions are essential to prevent potential complications like impaction, crowding, and infections. Non-wisdom teeth extractions may be required to address severe decay, and infections, or to prepare for other dental procedures. Both types of tooth extractions near you are crucial in maintaining optimal oral health and preventing further dental issues.