Sports Guards in North York

Sports Guards Near You

Sports guards in North York are protective devices worn over the teeth and gums during sports activities to prevent dental injuries and trauma to the mouth, including teeth, lips and tongue.

sports guards near you

Issues Sports Guards Help Solve

Sports guards in North York effectively address various concerns:

  • Tooth Injuries – They help prevent chipping, cracking, or knocking out of teeth due to impacts.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Guards protect against cuts, bruises, and other injuries to the lips, cheeks, and tongue.
  • Jaw Injuries – They can reduce the risk of jaw fractures and dislocations caused by impacts.

Benefits of Sports Guards

  • Dental Protection – When you receive sports guards near you, they act as a cushion, absorbing and distributing the force of impacts, minimizing damage.
  • Preservation of Smile – Guards prevent the need for costly dental treatments to repair injuries.
  • Comfort – Custom-fitted guards offer comfort and ease of speech and breathing during sports.
  • Performance – A comfortable mouth guard doesn’t hinder athletic performance.

Process of Getting Sports Guards

  1. Your dentist evaluates your dental health and discusses your sports activities.
  2. Dental impressions are taken to create a custom-fit sports guard.
  3. Depending on your needs, your dentist selects the appropriate material for the guard.
  4. The custom guard is fabricated and fitted precisely to your teeth and bite.
  5. Your dentist ensures a snug and comfortable fit, making necessary adjustments.
  6. You’ll receive guidance on the proper usage, care, and maintenance of your sports guard.

Are You Looking For Sports Guards Near You?

Sports guards in North York are a vital accessory for athletes of all ages and skill levels, significantly reducing the risk of dental injuries. If you’re active in sports, schedule a consultation with us regarding getting a custom-fitted sports guard that provides optimal protection and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your activities worry-free.