Embark on Your Dental Adventure with Lilac Family Dentistry

At Lilac Family Dentistry, we’re thrilled to welcome new patients, referrals, and be there for emergencies too! If you’re on the lookout for a fresh dental home for you and your family, we’d be delighted to connect.

embark on your dental adventure in north york

Your initial visit at our North York dental office usually kicks off with a thorough checkup to pinpoint your dental needs and chat about your treatment choices. Sometimes, we can even get started with simple treatments right after our chat. However, if your dental history is a bit more intricate or a comprehensive plan is in order, we might schedule a follow-up session for the actual treatment.

Just before you dive into your appointment, we’ll need you to breeze through a quick new patient intake form and chat about your medical history. Don’t forget to bring along a list of your current meds and any allergies you have – we’ve got your back!

For those making the leap from another dental office, if you’ve had x-rays taken recently, we can help in getting those records over to our place.

And hey, if it’s been a bit since your last dentist visit, we might suggest snapping new x-rays during your appointment to keep things up to date. Looking forward to seeing you smile!

Choosing Lilac Family Dentistry is like choosing a dental home that’s all about you and your loved ones. We bring smiles to life with care that’s welcoming, comprehensive, and totally tailored to you!