Intraoral Cameras: Now You Can See What We See

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Intraoral Cameras: Now You Can See What We See

There is a good reason why you constantly hear about the importance of regular dental visits. Seeing Dr. Sayeh Maralani, your dentist in North York regularly makes it more likely that any small dental problems are identified, and treatment begins before the issue is left to develop into something more serious that may require invasive, expensive treatment, or cause long-term problems like bone loss, tooth loss, and potentially even osteoporosis, cardiac disease, or cancer.

During a regular dental visit, a dentist hygienist will assess and clean your teeth using professional equipment to brush, polish and floss your teeth, check your gums for any signs of gum disease, check your mouth and neck for signs of oral cancer like lumps and bumps, and often perform x-rays to see what’s happening beneath the gum line.

These are all things you’ve likely experienced twice each year throughout your life.

But Have You Ever Heard Of Intraoral Cameras?

Here at Lilac Family Dentistry, Dr. Maralani and the team have heavily invested in new, advanced forms of dental technology to ensure you receive the best possible oral health care. One of these pieces of technology is the intraoral camera.

What Is An Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a tiny little camera that’s about the same size as those small mirrors used by your hygienist and dentist to check your teeth and get a closer look at the back of your mouth where it’s harder to get a bright, clear view. The intraoral camera looks kind of like a pen, with a little lens on the tip.

By using these new devices, the dentist and team are able to get a better view of the inside of your mouth and identify issues like plaque deposits, cavities, cracks, chips, early-stage gum disease, and excessive wear-and-tear.

What’s really cool about intraoral cameras is that it’s not just your oral healthcare team that gets this front-row view into the depths of your mouth. Your dentist and team can use these cameras to take digital images of your teeth and gums and show you any problems that require treatment. The images can also be used as reference to any specialists you may need to be referred to for treatment, or comparative purposes year after year.

Are you overdue for a dental checkup and are ready to see a dentist that uses advanced technology to ensure you get the best care possible? Call our team at Lilac Family Dentistry to set up an appointment today. We’ll find a time to meet with you, assess your current condition, and discuss any treatments needed to get you back to your optimal oral health.

Lilac Family Dentistry is located in North York and always accepting new patients, emergencies, and walk-ins.